How Long Will Shipping Take?

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How Do I Find the Information that D.I. Requires for the Rental Order Form?

  • Roof Panel Information
  • Square Footage
  • Seam Height
  • Roof Pitch
  • Roof Radius
  • Perimeter Clips
  • End Laps

Common Problems That Are Seen on a Standing Seam Roof System & How to Avoid Them on Your Jobsite

  • Modulation and Installation Problems
  • Pillowing and "Oil Canning"
  • Clip/Concealed Fastener Problems
  • Roof Panels formed incorrectly by Portable Roll Former
  • Surface Contaminants
  • Not understanding how to use the Roof Seamer
  • Other Common Problems

Click here to submit a photo of a problem that you have experienced. Please let us know how the problem was resolved so that others can learn how to avoid the same problem on their project. DO NOT include any information about the contractor, installer, job specifics or panel manufacturer.

Helpful Information

  • Roll Forming v. Flat Forming - a simple explanation between the two processes of forming roof panels
  • Thermal Movement - an important concept to understand when dealing with a standing seam roof system & pre-fabricated metal buildings
  • Wind Uplift Testing - how the quality and capability of a roof system is tested
  • Clip Bleed-Thru - a common occurance in our industry. Understand why it happens and how to minimize it on your project!
  • Oil Canning - can sometimes be seen on metal roof systems. Click to read the Metal Construction Association's opinion about this matter.

Panel Information

In order for DI Roof Seamers to have a better understanding of the type of roof panel that you are using, please use the form below.